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Micro-Technologies for Re-Launching European Machine Manufacturing SMEs

Launched in 1st October 2005, the 4 years lasting Integrated Project for SMEs LAUNCH-MICRO intends to make use of the micro-technologies for re-launching the European Machine tool manufacturing SMEs. Our project is supported by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 6 (FP6) and priority 3: Nanotechnology and nanosciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices (NMP).

This key project on micro-manufacturing technologies brings together 27 partners from 6 different countries, including 20 industrial SMEs fully committed with the development of innovative micromanufacturing technologies. Launch-Micro project has a total budget of 11.5 M€ and an EC contribution of 5.5 M€.

Main objectives of our project are:

· To provide European Machine Tool SMEs with the necessary technical knowledge and related methodologies for the construction of ultra-precision manufacturing equipment, able to achieve sub-micron tolerances and surface finishes under mass production requirements.

· To provide EU manufacturing SMEs with leading edge knowledge of micromanufacturing that will allow them to compete at a global manufacturing level and hence to contribute to social welfare improvement and sustainable growth of the economy in the EU through knowledge-based manufacturing.

· To convert this sector in a growing and dynamic technology-based one thanks to an effective use of ICT technologies to manage and transmit the know-how between SMEs and RDT.

· To use the existing know-how and researching capabilities of European machine manufacturing SMEs in order to establish an efficient and collaborative structure for training SMEs’ personnel in different and complementary technological issues and make a true dissemination of knowledge and best practices along interested SMEs.